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AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

In the American Kennel Club’s ongoing efforts to recognize and celebrate its volunteer club members, the AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award program was established in 2006 to provide each member club with an AKC Medallion to award to one of its own on a yearly basis. This award honors those individuals who deserve special recognition that have made a difference in the sport of purebred dogs, embodied the AKC Code of Sportsmanship, and have been an active and valued member of an AKC member club. Medallions are awarded solely at the club’s discretion.


The California Airedale Terrier Club is an AKC member club. Following is a List of CATC members who have been recognized by the club with the AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award.


2008 Lowell Jennings 


2009 Deirdre Dawson


2010 Virginia Latham Smith


2013 Devon Allen


2014 Kristi Burrus

2015 Christine Hyde 


2019 Frank Stevens

2020 Amy Bauman

2022 Linda Van Bibber


2023 Carol Kubiak

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