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CATC representative by email: Devon Allen

Rescue email: Virginia Latham-Smith

Breeder Referral email: Patricia Gregg

Newsletter Subscriptions: email: Georgia McRae 

To contact a CATC representative by email:

Rescue / Referral Phone: 1-(209)-712-5452. Leave a message or

Newsletter Subscriptions: Georgia McRae. email: Georgia McRae.

To contact the CATC Web Architect by email: Steve Hurst, Web Architect.
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Officers & Directors
                  Standing Committee Chairs

President: Christine Hyde

Vice President: Virginia Latham-Smith

Treasurer: Linda Van Bibber
Secretary: Deirdre Dawson

Kristi Burrus, 2021
Amy Bauman, 2021
Gloria Lawson-Riddle, 2021
Nancy Strohmaier, 2020
Devon Allen, 2020
Achievement AwardsGeorgia McRae
AKC Delegate: Nancy Bougher
Breeder ReferralPatricia Gregg
Database/Mailings: Nancy Bougher
Education: Nancy Strohmaier
Fun Day: Carol Kubiak and Sarah Roberts
Golden Gate Decor: Carol Reynolds
Historian:  Position available
Judges Selection: Deirdre Hernandez, Devon Allen

Membership/Newsletter SubscriptionsGeorgia McRae
Newsletter Editor:
Barbara Cooney and Amy Bauman, 
Sunshine Committee: Helen Piperis and Carol Kubiak,
Trim & Train: Devon Allen
Trophies: Deirdre Hernandez
Ways & Means: 
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